From Polynesian markings, to Japanese kanji full body tattoos, that stamp on the lower back or a self designed commemorative symbol. Tattoos are personal and close to the wearers heart. Each tattoo has a personal story, meaning and connection to the imagery chosen.

So you've chosen the perfect design. Found the best tattoo artist and got inked. Now it's time to make sure you care properly for your new work of art.

Choosing a reputable tattoo artist is only the first step towards having a tattoo you can be truly proud of. How you care for your tattoo afterward is equally, if not more, important. Even the best tattoo work can be ruined by poor aftercare. 


Our ALL NATURAL Skin Masters after care balm is the perfect solution for fast, effective and safe tattoo healing. 



Our aftercare balm is perfect for hydrating your tattoo during and after the tattoo healing process. Infused with vitamins and shea, our balm will help in heal and keep your tattoo healthy for you to unveil to the world.


To be applied during the tattooing process. When applied during it effectively absorbs into the skin, providing a smooth working surface. The combination of Shea Butter, calendula, sunflower oil and other emollients offers antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties which helps to reduce redness and swelling.



Our Skin Masters after care balm has natural shea extract which makes it an ideal balm as it is long lasting, rich in naturally occurring healing compounds, and is known for its skin protecting qualities. Along with its skin healing properties, it is also has hydrating and moisturizing essential fatty acids that penetrate deep into the skin and allow your skin cells to remain healthy and functioning at an optimal level.

Calendula has natural restorative properties. The antiseptic and antimicrobialaction of calendula extract helps speed up healing of tattoo wounds. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help reduce pain and swelling from the tattoo process by soothing the area where the tattoo was done. It can also be applied to your healed tattoo to keep your skin nourished and the ink bright.



Our Skin Masters Natural Aftercare Balm is infused with vitamin A which is excellent for healing and skin regeneration. The better and more smoothly a tattoo can heal, the better the tattoo will look. It also contains high levels of vitamins D and E, both of which act as potent antioxidants to help the skin heal and protect it from further damage and even scarring.




Leave your bandage or tattoo covering on for one to three hours after your tattoo is finished. Once you have taken the bandages off,  wash your new tattoo with a light,

non-scented, antibacterial soap with luke warm water to keep it clean and to avoid potential infection (repeat the washing process 2-3 times per day). Apply a small amount of Skin Master's Natural Aftercare Balm to the tattoo in a gentle circular motion until it becomes barely visible. Apply balm 2-3 times per day after washing, to keep help in the healing process and to keep tattoo moisturized.  


Avoid touching your new tattoo, do not scrub or scratch it. Be sure to wear clean, soft  and loose clothing. While the tattoo is healing avoid going into pools, the ocean, hot tubs, etc., the gym or activities that lead to excessive persperation, and exposure to the sun for the first two weeks. This could damage the tattoo in the healing process. Showers are fine as long as they are quick and not overly hot. Continue this process until the tattoo is healed. 


And remember, don’t pick, peal or scratch any scabbing or hard layers. These hard layers are normal and picking them off could damage or remove color.



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